TV, like in Television – is this to be that kind of TV?

Sit there and watch it

Not sure yet. We plan to produce TV as we knew it and learn it.

So, these are the sloppy, semi-directionless Mud Dayze here at DRiX.TV – With shimmering mud at the beginning and shimmering gold at the other end. Soon, we can all remember this.

Okay so far we’ve taken off this DRiX.TV website, which has been cruising at low altitude on autopilot for a while now.

But now, it’s time to switch to manual control and glean some steering techniques of this website and soar through interesting places from right here in our chair. And do it by using just word and image.

One thing be aware of that this website is can be especially agile.
It is termed a CMS or Content Managed System. (link leads to definition)

Simply put, for now – all of the various components of this website have never been combined until they are served up right there before you (and us, uh me) right now.  So far it looks the same, but potentially… iIt offers so much more than just static web pages. It “manages” ALL the data for optimal enjoyment.
(Or so say the test pages.)

Knowing that we all be sharin’ the experience together adds something too.

So stay tuned and thanks for reading this far with us.


"TV or NOT TV?" Is that a question?